The Growth of Advertising and SEO on the Internet

growth-chartOnline advertising revenue has grown significantly in recent years, and that trend is only likely to continue, as it is expected that global advertising revenue will hit $260.4 billion by the year 2020. However, even that is not really the full potential of the sector. Online advertising is facing a lot of challenges in the form of ad blocking, for example.

Programmatic advertising has helped to grow the sector, and there are more premium, highly targeted ads, as well as mobile offerings that will appeal to a large segment of the market.

SEO is finally starting to appeal to even smaller New York City businesses that previously preferred to stick to other forms of traditional, ‘real world’ advertising. A little social media marketing can offer a lot more in terns of results than an ad in a newspaper, for example, and search offers highly targeted impressions towards people who have a strong purchase intent.

The cost of entry into online advertising is minimal – even a few dollars can get you thousands of impressions on a page, or a decent number of clicks on a search ad, if you choose the right keywords. Marketing in this way can seem confusing at first, since there are quality scores, audience profiles and budgets to wade through, and even choosing the network from the myriad choices is hard for a newcomer – but it’s that breadth that shows how powerful marketing online can be now.

There are more choices, more options, and more potential customers for people to market too online than ever before – and internet marketing allows us to reach people at the time that they are most likely to buy – something that flyers and magazines can’t do. That’s why it’s so popular among brand owners today.