Fashion and Design in Different Cultures

There are particular types of clothing you’ll find all around the world. For example, people wear dress pants in many different cultures. With that said, you’ll see a lot of differences in fashion and design in various cultures.

Here’s a look at how culture impacts fashion.

The Impact Of Climate

If a region has a tropical climate, clothing is going to be designed around that. You’ll see thinner materials and a lot of clothing that gives the skin a chance to breathe. In places with a colder climate, thicker and warmer materials will be prioritized.

Trends are heavily impacted by the climates of various regions. If you travel around the world, you’ll start to see how climate has affected clothing.


Different cultures have different standards of modesty. In some cultures, exposing the shoulders isn’t an issue. In other cultures, shoulders are expected to be covered.

Not every part of the world has the same expectations of modesty. When designers create clothing, they have to make sure that their outfits are in line with regional standards of decency.


Some designers can cater to the wealthy. They can make a living designing things that the average person wouldn’t be able to afford.

Other designers have to aim their clothing at the ordinary citizens. They have to create the sort of pieces that the average person can afford to purchase. They may cut some corners to keep the price down.

If you want to learn more about what life is like in certain parts of the world, you should start looking at fashion and design in different cultures. As you explore, you’ll start to see why different people dress the way that they do. You’ll have a better understanding of what life is like for different people.