My Everlasting Love For Carmen Sandiego

Screen-Shot-2012-04-11-at-8.44These days, technology has made computer games a regular part of life, but it was not always this way. When I was younger, my family could not afford a computer, so the only time I got to play games was when I went to school and took advantage of the computer classes that were available.

One thing that really made me smile during class was the opportunity to play the Carmen Sandiego games. I am not sure what it was about them that I found fascinating, especially since the entire point of the game was teaching children about geography. Now that I think about, playing amateur detective was great and it was probably my main reason for loving these games as much as I did.

I remember when there was a TV show based on the game. I watched every episode as if my life depended on it. Even though I did not get the chance to directly solve the capers presented, watching kids my age respond to clues and find her excited me to no end. While this is true, one day I forgot all about the show and it moved into that box of memories that people forget about until they fall into a random nostalgic moment.

The funny thing is that one day as a young adult I got a copy of one of the Carmen Sandiego games used for the SNES game system. While I liked the game well enough, it lacked the luster and excitement I felt when I used to play it on the computer as a child. After playing it several times, it moved to the back of the closet with all of the other things I never use.

Now that I am thinking about it, I think I want to pull the game out and give it a shot. We will see if I like it even half as much as I did way back when.